Where does our chocolate come from and what’s in it?

We use a number of different suppliers of fine Chocolate.  Barry Callebaut launched their Cocoa Horizons Foundation to help shape a sustainable cocoa and chocolate future More information can be found at:

Casa Luker are working hard to do great things with their producers in Columbia. They have worked with some of its farming partners for over one hundred years. They do not own the farms, and the farmers are offered fair purchasing conditions, but are still free to sell their cocoa wherever they wish. Luker works hard to nurture the relationships they have with their farmers and stakeholders, offering education and training at their research centre, the Granja Luker, to provide farmers with the knowledge to build profitable cocoa farms that will support themselves, their families and their communities. More than eight hundred people are trained at the Granja Luker each year.

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And finally, Belcolade, we use three of their single origin chocolates.  These are Rain Forrest Alliance Certified and carry the Cocoa Trace logo.
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Gluten Free

All chocolate is gluten free.

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