Sue Gilmour's Security Policy

Online Security – Sue Gilmour Chocolates endeavours at all times to keep the information you give us on this site secure. With this is mind we have chosen to use the Barclaycard ePDQ as our supplier for taking online payments. We will be adding PayPal shortly for the convenience that PayPal gives; you don't need your card with you at the time of purchase.

When you make a purchase from Sue Gilmour Chocolates you will be passed to the secure Barclaycard (or other) card payment gateway where you will then be asked for your card details. As this system is located on their highly secure and monitored servers you can be assured that every effort is made to avoid fraud and keep your details safe. Sue Gilmour Chocolates only maintains essential delivery information for your order and never your credit card number itself.

Privacy – Sue Gilmour Chocolates values your privacy as an essential part of our business. We therefore guarantee that any and all information you enter is maintained securely according to the Data Proctection Act and we will ensure that your information is not sold to others for mailing and marketing purposes. Your privacy is paramount. If you have any questions about security or privacy please contact the Sue Gilmour Chocolates Customer Service Advisor.

Sue Gilmour Limited - Company No: 05777970 Registered in England and Wales
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